One Love Escalation Workshop

Escalation is a workshop run by One Love, a foundation that works with young people across the country to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and activates communities to work to change the statistics around relationship violence. The workshop consists of a 40-minute film followed by a guided discussion.

One Love Foundation
Image of One Love Escalation Workshop
Program Name Level of Evidence Format Target Audience Special Features
One Love Escalation Workshop
  • In-person Workshop
  • Undergraduate students
Focuses on dating violence.
Learning Objectives

After participating in the Escalation Workshop, participants will:

  • understand the warning signs of relationship abuse
  • be prepared to speak about relationship abuse with friends
  • understand the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • be able to recognize the behaviors associated with emotional abuse

The Escalation workshop is made up of a film that was custom-made for the One Love Foundation, followed by a guided discussion. The film follows the story of a young white woman whose relationship with her college boyfriend becomes emotionally and physically abusive. The film is specifically targeted to college audiences: it takes place on campus and uses social media pictures and messages as part of the narrative. The workshop after the movie allows students to share their reactions, identify early warning signs of abuse, and discuss ways to intervene. Students are directed to action after the workshop - continuing their involvement with One Love through our campaigns and events.


The Escalation workshop is one 90-minute session which includes a film and guided discussion.


One Love will train students or faculty to administer the Escalation workshop, which is ideally held in a group of 25 participants or less. Because of the proven effectiveness of peer education, One Love prefers to train student facilitators.

Population Served

Undergraduate students, high school students

Theoretical Basis For Approach

Escalation was developed using two prominent behavior theories: Theory of Planned Behavior and Diffusion of Innovation. The approach to stopping teen dating violence was based off the research of Dr. Emily Rothman.

Program Effectiveness

There is no formal data available of the program’s effectiveness. 97% of students surveyed after the workshop would recommend the workshop to a friend. Additional research is underway.


One Love has worked with over 500 colleges and high schools across the country, including:

  • Duke University
  • SUNY Oswego
  • Colgate University
  • Whittier College

The One Love film is highly engaging and does an excellent job of appealing to college students. The combination of the film and discussion group is a great instructional technique that ensures high student engagement. The film’s portrayal of a white heterosexual couple may not speak to all students, though this issue is addressed by facilitators in the guided discussion groups. Additionally, this is only appropriate as a supplemental prevention program since it does not cover the array of topics that are required by Campus SaVE.


The Escalation Workshop and facilitator training are both provided free of cost. Depending on your school’s location, One Love may require compensation for travel. Use this form to contact their staff to find out more.