Not Anymore

Not Anymore by Vector Solutions is a video-based, online interactive program that uses student testimonials and animation graphics to engage students in Title IX and VAWA-required interpersonal violence prevention education. The program addresses consent, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, risk reduction, and sexual harassment and is available on the SafeColleges Training System

Dr. Steve Pearlman
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Program Name Level of Evidence Format Target Audience Special Features
Not Anymore
Promising Direction
  • Online Course
  • Undergraduate students
Features survivor stories.

The program provides a customizable combination of modules using the following presentation strategies: peer presenters, survivor testimonials, video-based scenarios, bystander testimonials, student interviews, and animations. It is interactive, asking students questions during the presentation of materials and uses social norming by displaying their peers’ responses. The program also contains a pre- and post-test for measuring learning outcomes which can be fully edited to meet campus needs.


Campuses can select any combination of the 19 modules offered. The self-guided program can run anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the customization.


Not Anymore can be customized to include campus-specific definitions and policies and also supports a campus-specific introduction video. Vector Solutions will work with each campus to establish single-sign-on access to the program, can integrate completion data with many LMS systems, and can be customized in terms of testing and the reporting of that data. The program can be close-captioned in English and Spanish, is screen reader-compatible, and contains Audio Description for visually-impaired students.

Population Served

There is one version for undergraduates students, with a unique versions  available for: community college students, graduate students, and faculty and staff.

Theoretical Basis For Approach

In order to bring social impact to intellectual content, Vector Solutions builds on situated and communal learning theories that treat intellectual content not as the primary consideration but as of secondary concern relative to its place in a cultural context. Not Anymore accomplishes this not only by communicating its content through peers, but also by presenting that content as a social force, such as by helping students understand how understanding rape myths can facilitate rather than impede sexual interaction. Part of the social force of this method also comes through technological social norming techniques that confront students with how their individual conceptions of social issues, e.g. of binge drinking, differ from the national reality. The program’s technology presents students with their own pre-test responses to given questions and then contrasts their pre-test responses against statistical realities.

In addition to the social force, Vector Solutions' programs tap into an essential emotional level of learning. Drawing on overwhelming research that increased engagement correlates with stronger learning outcomes, the online pedagogy contextualizes otherwise abstract content within more material structures, such as authentic accounts of rape, dating violence and stalking. Finally, the program draws on other contemporary methods of inducing behavioral change, such as motivational interviewing, which prompts program participants to solidify and articulate their own ways of overcoming real and perceived barriers to growth.

Program Effectiveness

There are no peer-reviewed studies of Not Anymore. Vector Solutions reports that clients using Not Anymore report extremely positive reviews of the program from students as well as improvement in student attitudes, intended behavior and learning outcomes as measured by the pre- and post-tests.

  • University of Missouri
  • Rutgers University
  • Cal State - Sacramento
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • The Catholic University of America
  • Wellesley College
  • Texas Christian University
  • Plus, over 40 community colleges and systems

Not Anymore relies heavily on student (not actor) testimonials that are very powerful but may also be disturbing for some students. The program warns viewers of potentially triggering scenes with a trigger warning.  Another strength of Not Anymore is the diverse set of narratives, including a testimonial from a Deaf survivor and multiple examples of LGBT relationships.


The cost varies based on the number of students and the length of the agreement. For more information, please contact, 1.800.434.0154, or