Every Choice

Every Choice is an online, video-based program, aimed at reducing campus sexual assault, dating violence and stalking by equipping students with realistic, actionable bystander intervention tools.This program is based off of the Green Dot prevention strategy  and is available on the SafeColleges Training System

Dr. Steve Pearlman
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Program Name Level of Evidence Format Target Audience Special Features
Every Choice
  • Online Course
  • Undergraduate students
Features powerful survivor stories
Learning Objectives

This program aims to:

  • empower, inspire and motivate students to take action when faced with a potential act of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence or stalking
  • equip students with these basic bystander intervention skills: recognizing both early and imminent warning signs; understanding personal obstacles that would prevent action; and identifying multiple options for intervention that are realistic and manageable for each individual
  • inform students about sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking and the resources at their disposal:; basic facts & statistics; campus resources; and campus policies

The program is hosted by two young narrators -- one male and one female -- who guide the participants through the content. The introduction provides key definitions and displays survivors telling their stories alongside their family members. The main focus of the curriculum is on bystander intervention. There are are three scenarios presented that cover instances of sexual assault, dating violence and stalking; it integrates scenarios that highlight issues affecting LGBT students. The program explores appropriate and safe ways to intervene in each scenario using three strategies: direct, delegate or distract. At the end, there is a short module on how to support survivors of sexual violence.


The program is customizable and includes up to 21 separate video modules. The self-guided program can run anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the customization.


The program comes with an online administrative portal that allows tracking student progress and completion.

Population Served

Undergraduate students

Theoretical Basis For Approach

Every Choice is informed by research across multiple disciplines and topics including: multimedia learning, perpetration, bystander literature, social psychology, developmental psychology, persuasion, marketing, social norming, peer influence, communication, the transtheoretical model, and framing. Every Choice is informed by past and ongoing evaluations of the Green Dot, etc. violence prevention strategy.

Program Effectiveness

No peer-reviewed or internal evaluation data is available at this time.

  • University of Iowa
  • The College of New Jersey
  • University of South Carolina - Beaufort
  • Saint Xavier University

Every Choice is a strong program not only because of its strong theoretical basis and integration of issues that impact LGBT students, but because it has a comprehensive focus on bystander intervention. Like its counterpart (Not Anymore from Vector Solutions) it’s testimonials from survivors are extremely powerful.


The cost varies based on the number of students and the length of the agreement. For more information, please contact, 1.800.434.0154, or