Sexual Assault Prevention Suite – by EverFi

Sexual Assault Prevention Suite is an online course focused on increasing education, awareness, and empowerment to act. The course aims to orient learners with their own values and beliefs and, through this lens, teach them how to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships; engage in positive communication; understand the impact of alcohol on consent, and feel empowered to help create safe, healthy communities.

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Program Name Level of Evidence Format Target Audience Special Features
Sexual Assault Prevention Suite – by EverFi
Promising Direction
  • Online Course
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty and staff
A custom version is available for community college students
Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, with an emphasis on personal values and caring communities
  • distinguish between consent and non-consent, and increase behaviors that lead to mutually agreed-upon (consensual) intimacy
  • recognize the pervasiveness of sexual/relationship violence in our culture, understand misperceptions about this violence, and experience decreased tolerance of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking (including language, attitudes, and behaviors that support violence)
  • feel increased compassion for victims of sexual assault, violence, or stalking and confidence in their ability to offer support to someone who has experienced one of these crimes
  • recognize the behaviors of a responsible bystander, and identify ways in which they can intervene and support others.

Course material is presented through a series of videos via an online platform that feature: slots for institutional policies and procedures; definitions and statistics; presentation of a bystander intervention model; and use of interactive bystander intervention scenarios. Course content varies based on participant responses.


2 sessions. The initial session lasts approximately 45 minutes, and the booster session lasts approximately 15 minutes.


EverFi provides functionality that allows administrators to track completion.  

Population Served

Undergraduate students; differentiated versions of the program are available for faculty and staff, as well as graduate students.

Theoretical Basis For Approach

Haven relies on the research base demonstrating the efficacy of bystander intervention programming that takes a social norms approach. Haven emphasizes positive norms and appeals to the majority of individuals who engage in healthy relationships. This approach helps to overcome barriers to bystander intervention and dispel the perception that unhealthy behaviors and attitudes are socially acceptable.

Program Effectiveness

EverFi conducted an evaluation study on the Sexual Assault Prevention Suite. The study demonstrated statistically significant increases for in scales that indicate improvement in: social norms correction; empathy and support for victims, and self-reported ability to intervene as a bystander. There was no comparison group used in the study.


EverFi works with over 1,300 colleges and universities nationwide, reaching more than 5 million students and employees each year.


While an online module is an efficient way to reach a large number of students, the nature of the format precludes students from engaging in a dialogue while learning and may not be the most effective teaching method for all recipients. When using an online prevention education program, schools should consider follow-up activities using a variety of formats (small group discussions, lectures, awareness campaigns, theatrical presentations, etc.) to reinforce the messaging.


Information on cost is not readily available. Contact EverFi for information.